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homestead-logo.jpgHomestead Review

A big US provider website building tools, Homestead has amassed a loyal following of thousands. The system is mostly favoured by small business owners in the US. They’ve used the Homestead website builder tools to save costs on employing a web designer. Prices start at $4.99/month.

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4 Customer Reviews of “Homestead Review”

Homestead Review Review by Tooley Parsonage, July 14, 2009

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Homestead have been around since about the dawn of time! Its really easy to build a website and the TOTAL upside is that its free, which I like!! Sites are all standard and template based but they still look pretty good. Only downside is support, oh and the fact that they’re based in USA. I’d really prefer to deal with UK company but you can’t have everything

Homestead Review Review by Tony Mont, July 14, 2009

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Yeah I’d agree with the guy above but wait for it you only get Homestead for 1 MONTH ONLY and then it costs you $5 per month! That’s ain’t free, and it ain’t cheap either. Good tool though, I like it

Homestead Review Review by Verity Sunhiil, September 30, 2009

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OK well I thought I would put my two penneth in for what its worth! Homestead is a good product, I’ve been using it for about 5 years with absolutely no problems. The support is good, the sites look OK. I don’t think that its exactly cutting edge any more but once you’ve got your site somewhere its not exactly easy to move it.

Homestead Review Review by Ben Shields, October 2, 2009

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Product is OK but having found this site I’ve now looked at what others can offer so I think I might make the switch! As someone else mentioned here though, its not easy to move your site – in fact I don’t think you can, so make your choice wisely! Homestead is OK, not that cheap but its definitely easy to use.

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