About us

If you’ve ever searched for Website Builder reviews before, you no doubt came across dozens of sites that look just like this: a grid of 10-20 of the same hosts, their basic features listed, a “rating” of 90-100% or 4-5 stars, and an editorial review.

You might’ve already realized these aren’t real reviews. These sites are run by affiliate marketers, being paid directly by web hosts or indirectly through affiliate referral programs. They write their own positive reviews of every host, without ever having an account with them, so that you’ll pick one of their listings and click through to the host’s site to buy. When you do, they get paid for the referral.

Website Builder Reviews is different. We believe the best way to choose a new web host is to research them first, starting with what their customers are saying. All our reviews are submitted by our visitors, just like you, who want to share their experience. You get the good and the bad experiences so that you can make your own decision.